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Eddie Vedder- Acrylic on canvas 16x20




Custom Painting by Jon Stokes inspired by a client's Custom Tattoo (below)
Acrylic on Canvas- 16x20

Tattoo by Jon Stokes on client's leg



Here is a Strat Guitar I built and carved myself.  Sounds and plays Great!!!!!!!!


Joker card- Acrylic on canvas 16x20


Joker Painting  Acrylic and watercolor

by Jon Stokes

Minus Six- band  acrylic


In Loving Memory




Murals painted with airbrushes by myself and Kevin Smith in a client's room at home

I painted the Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman, and Dracula.  Kevin did Frankenstein's monster.





Fine Art Paintings

Acrylic on canvas - $75

Acrylic on canvas "love"- $100

Acrylic on canvas "family"- $100

Acrylic on canvas "On the way to Vegas with Hunter S. Thompson"- $250

Acrylic on Canvas - $60



"Busy City"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80

"Medic"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80


"Spring Rain " Acrylic on Canvas - $60

"Thru the Never"  Acrylic on Canvas - $100


Acrylic on board - $70

"Operation Iraqi Demolition" Acrylic on canvas - $125

"Solitary Cemetery"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80

"Casualties of WAR"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80

"Left in Ruins"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80


"Cityscape"  Acrylic on Canvas - $80



Both Sold

Acrylic & airbrush on board- $150 each



Airbrush & acrylic on Body Forms (hanger hooks included)

Reaper- pen and ink on Bristol- $125

Reaper- prints available- $10 each

Self Portrait Blind Contour - n.f.s.

Acrylic on Canvas "Renegade" - $70



Acrylic & airbrush on board- $70

Hand Drawn Clocks

Only $15 each & customize it however you see fit!!



                         Woodcarvings by Jon Stokes

Are you a Santa collector?  Then these are definitely for you!!!!

Hand Carved and Painted SANTAS by Jon Stokes

Carved from Bass Wood

Prices range from $15 to $60 in these styles.  Add $5 for shipping and handling cost.

Sizes range from 6 inches to 16 inches.

Choose any of these paint styles or I can custom paint whatever you'd like.

Carvings make Excellent gifts and are great holiday collectables.

Contact me today!!!!!



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